19 Smartphone Gadgets that Blew me Away.

19 Smartphone Gadgets that'll change everything to do with your smartphone! (Android or iPhone) in 2020! These Gadgets are all available in 2020, and can be bought from Amazon / eBay / Wish. For other Smartphone Gadgets videos: mnthe.info/bill/video/j7ePtIvXem-mo6I
0:13 Dolly Car:
Worldwide: bit.ly/2G7KQrz
0:33 Samsonite Konnect-i Backpack with Jacquard™ by Google:
Worldwide: bit.ly/382IaHx
1:13 BackBone:
Worldwide: playbackbone.com/
2:12 Fidget Cable:
More affordable alternative:
US: amzn.to/3mr8G0Q
UK: amzn.to/3jCIxKT
2:47 Phone Tether:
Close alternatives:
US: amzn.to/3kDHxrc
UK: amzn.to/31QZ73A
3:06 Unitron phone stand
US: amzn.to/2G8gXaL
3:33 3-in-1 Smart Viewer:
UK: amzn.to/3e5IUwd
4:04 Airview
Upcoming version: bit.ly/3e6uITZ
4:49 Hypermirror
Worldwide: bit.ly/35MhszS
5:37 SuperTank Pro
Worldwide: bit.ly/3ehBK8i
6:11 HyperCube
US: amzn.to/2J7t4FY
6:42 Ampere PD Power Cube
Worldwide: bit.ly/3e31QvM
7:20 ChargeASAP OMEGA
Worldwide: bit.ly/3oAwQYS
8:00 Aukey Powerstudio
Worldwide: bit.ly/3kEcLyu
9:10 Fan Gamepad
Worldwide: bit.ly/2JfTQw5
9:36 Helmet triggers
Worldwide: bit.ly/3e5xtVg
10:11 Finger Gloves
Worldwide: bit.ly/3oB6mX5
11:00 Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic
Worldwide: bit.ly/3jE1YD9
US: amzn.to/3kEqPb0
UK: amzn.to/31RbcFM
12:03 Mi Smart Band 5
US: amzn.to/2HIkcq5
UK: amzn.to/3jFSW8u
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  • Make sure you stick around for the best gadget of them all....I won't tell you what it is, but you'll know when you see it 😂 For other Smartphone Gadgets videos: mnthe.info/bill/video/j7ePtIvXem-mo6I

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  • 10:53 I know Chinese and with some research and help from a Chinese friend I think I deciphered the meaning of that cryptic phrase. "Eat Chicken" (吃雞) is a nickname for PUBG (probably from the phrase "winner winner, chicken dinner" which appears in the game). "Walking position" (走位) is fairly straight forward. It means character "movement and positioning". From what I gathered, it's a term widely used by Chinese and Taiwanese gamers in game genres like FPS, MOBA, etc. "Artifact" is tricky... My friend speculates that it could be a translation of 神器. The characters mean "god" and "instrument". In wuxia novels and movies, it's usually a powerful weapon that has been used by a god(dess) of the old time (hence artifact). It's used on product pages to mean perfect tool for the job. So the whole sentence is likely a translation of "吃雞走位神器", which means something along the line of "amazing gadget for getting the perfect movement and positioning in PUBG". I still have no idea what "ultra thin attack" and "bloated" from the previous picture could possibly be a translation of...

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