3D PEN VS GLUE GUN! 17 Cool Hacks And Crafts For You

We’ve tried every 3D pen and hot glue craft we could imagine, and here’s what we created. Aren’t 3D pens just amazing? You can create anything you can think of, make it colorful and give it purpose. Today, we wanted to experiment with something new, and we wanted to show you some amazing hacks you can create at home. But first, let’s try some experiments with hot glue. Why buy a bath mat when you can make a colorful one with glitter using hot glue? To make it look store-bought, use a printed pattern and some greaseproof paper on top. Sometimes charging your phone becomes a nuisance, so today, we show you how to create a stand for your phone using a 3D pen. But for those of you who want to get craftier, we show you how to make a beautiful romantic ring from scratch using a 3D pen. Watch until the end to discover some fantastic tricks and crafts you’ll adore.
1:06 - How to fix a broken wood piece
2:25 - DIY ring
2:48 - Beautiful, DIY jewelry holder
4:15 - DIY hair comb
6:53 - Cute DIY earrings
9:03 - DIY fake nails
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  • This is what you do when you’re cheap and somehow have a 3D pen and know how to use it kids, this is also time wasting. You can literally just buy the stuff in this video for like a few cents

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  • That will break soon: 4:57

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  • thsi is such an idiotic thing there not life hacks there for looks and nobody is gonna have any of these issues unles you buy BAD stuff its so dumb

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  • there is something called a tissue if u didn't know 1:38

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  • “Oh no! My phone won’t fit in my headboard!” There’s this thing called a nightstand. You should try it sometime

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    • Oh no! my phone won’t fit! i’m gonna stay up and waste my hot glue to make this thing that will hold my phone

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