Among Us - My Heart hat gives me a new life !

Heart hat saved me from the impostor!
Heart hat gives me a new life !

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  • Beware of killing a crewmate who have a Heart Hat because it will give him a chance to come back to life and kill you! Hope you like the video🔥🔥 (Like) and (Subscribe) for more videos

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    • @محمد حيدر هاي

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    • What

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    • @meral Alghamdi hi هاي

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    • You have only killed the imposter because of the kids in knife probably took it because you were in kitchen

      Kalhan KieremKalhan Kierem2 өдрийн өмнө
    • And then by the time you kill cool down even finish his he’s probably gonna call in emergency meeting

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  • Whatt

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  • How did you do that boi

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  • eso es enserio o es un mod? is that true or is it just a mod?

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  • Zee

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  • Parece que el estafador salió estafado

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  • 😅

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  • Sahtekar

  • real?!

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  • D...dont c...cry?! My among us best friend🥺hi Hanry!🙂👋🥺

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  • No shut up tirma

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  • No es cierto por que todavía ni sacan la nueva muerte quejes esa

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  • Jajajaja el inocente es el imposto

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  • 0:34 dead meme

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  • Wtf nooooo amigo

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  • Nice luck

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  • LOL I love your heart hat it is awesome! And you are the best MNthe'r!!!! 😻😻😻😻😘😍💕💖💖💗💟💞💝👍🔹🔷💓🌼🌸🌈🏩💒💌⏳⌛💠💓

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  • No u

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  • Purple is imposter his have body?

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  • You indo?

  • Your videos are the best 🤩🤩😍😍like please

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  • WHAT is that true?

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  • BigMo mu çakma sen mi

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  • WTF

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  • Among us hats have there own power now?

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  • If its happen then i will try it but no it will not happen😑😑😑😑

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  • is magic

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  • Very smartest video

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  • 2000 IQ

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  • I mean like his extra life was right on top of him, so he was saved by the power of love😍 pfftt jk jk he was saved by among us logic😁😂🤣🤣

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  • Всмысле ни одного комма на русском?

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  • Woah, this is cool I should wear the heart hat more often. Nice secret.

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  • The imposter: lazering Tir Max Tir Max: the heart gives him new life wow I revived it's time to get revenge

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  • wth.... im shook to the core

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  • HAHA very very good😇👍

  • Did u get voted out at he end

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  • tirmax you like kill lmposter what you lmposter hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha wft is not lmposter

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  • Is this real

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  • no lmposter

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  • Subsribe this Chanel its so funn

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  • Please don't kill Right Hand Man he is the airship king

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  • Tirmax: Omae was mou shindureui Don't cry: nani

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  • Wow!

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  • Türk?

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  • 0:44 ???

  • What heart help crewmate and crewmate angel cool exercise

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  • Escuela Son de hace cuando esté la curatela mongos si me salen se me cae pues sí que sí Igual si se va a caer se va a caer nieve pero pues yo me

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  • What if he killed you again? *XD*

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  • He named himself Dont cry

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  • the impostor is dead XD

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  • the only topic that you put is "DA IMPASTAR CANT KIL IOO

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  • update is best cuz they save u

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  • Guy had a One-Up!

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  • Yo hice lo mismo pero no funciono :(

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  • Si le matar al impostor porque no aparece victoria si el impostor esta muerto en sima como lo haces en el video no da risa

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  • Purple : don't cry Tirmax : Is start Cry Purple : You are dead Tirmax : Am back alive Purple : Huh?! Tirmax : You Gonna die!!

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  • 18:32. Friday 9April. Hi I just wanted to say. Your. Video is the greatest

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  • Binod

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