Big, Medium and Small Food Challenge | Mukbang with Giant vs Tiny Food by RATATA

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Slow, Medium or Fast Food Challenge:
We have a new challenge for you! Have you tried eating big, medium and small cake or burger at speed? I wonder who can eat all the food faster than the rest? The answer is not as obvious as it sounds! Happy viewing!
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  • Rina sucks why did she have to tricycle them IT just ruind it

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  • Two of you I know how to get that Easter egg out of there to get the cup and flip it upside down and then and then the egg will get out what's your lucky I'm pretty sure there's not going to be anything excited that LOL or thing

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  • Malayalies undo

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  • Are they really eating all that food

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  • P

  • That is some good food my favorite is donuts

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    • Same lol

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  • Can you eat that large cake finish lol if you can wow

    Rhona CloeteRhona Cloete15 цагийн өмнө
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