Chinese mukbang eating soo fast can you do that?🌶 | Eating Sound

Credit: Kwai App
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  • so I want to but don't want me to fast anymore I'm Muslim

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  • This is sped up I would like the original

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  • Pada ngomong apaan sih

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  • wow yummy i like it

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  • U guy do bit your thing when eating so tast

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  • Well I can eat fast too but I just don't cause it looks like they're eating the last meal of their life...

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  • I wonder how they don’t choke

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  • oh MUH god that was great

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  • Mom? Yeah? I have a new animal.😂😂

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  • Who is seeing this video in 2x speed

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  • Summary= Chinese people inhale food (im half Chinese and I still don't get how they do it ;-;) Edit= Okay I have a question... If both my parents are half Chinese does that mean that I'm half chinese¿? °-°

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  • I am like blinking my eye and one recipe is gone! .....

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  • Y did 5:15 look like hands lol

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  • I honestly would just shove food in my mouth until it’s full and then chew XD

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  • 3:30 has a peppa pig fork lol

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  • bro....theyre fast forwarding the video

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  • Yung katabi mo yung classmate mong lagi nang hihingi ng pagkain 😂

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  • I too was fasting and litterly I was opening this clip twice and more but than i was like 😻🙈

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  • When you on the date with someone: enjoying- Them: gurl pls stop staring at me- 👁👄👁

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  • بنات والله بنات الحكايات

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  • Don't they just speed it??

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  • Baştaki abla kunduz mudur tavşan mıdır insan mıdır belli değil

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    • 😂😂😂

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  • Bruh I’m in Ramadan and my whole move is spit lol

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    • *mouth

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  • اكلكم شنو هاذه اكلكم والله ماعرفه

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  • On 2:40 is that Dora the explorer cause that look like short hair purple shirt yeh

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  • I'm fasting but my mouth is not watering much,why🙄,by the way.رمضان كريم🕋💚

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    • @عمران مهدي 😇

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    • رمضان كريم

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  • It’s the rabiths

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  • เร่งความเร็วเอา

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  • Why the eating the movie

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  • مانتسلط على هالاشياء الا برمضان 😩😩😂

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    • Keşke yarasa yediğinide koysaydın

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  • Che vieja no se aoga o que peso Xd

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  • An tu tu tho

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  • pls tell them to not look at the camera while eating...

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  • İlk Türk ben😎

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  • How do these Chinese girls always eat triple what most men eat

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  • Good

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  • 9:43 she be eating that’s like it’s a dang peace of corn on the cob

  • I'm getting hamster vibes

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  • Moça vc não bebe nenhuma coca gelada? 👁️👄👁️ Aqui no Brasil A gente bebe pelo menos água pra não morrer engasgada(o)👁️👄👁️🤡

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  • I can't do that super faest

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  • Parece que ninguém mais sabe oq e engolir

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  • Parece ums bicho comeno

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  • The first one if she can't have big bites then why do them😠

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  • 2:46

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  • esta no trata o que?

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  • I would literally CHOKE if I ate that fast 😂😨😱😉

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    • They dont really eat that fast they put it on atimelapse to make it look like they are eating fast

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  • مين حب يجرب

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  • It's the sea and it is very disgusted when I ate octopus will affect the Coffuer Core Do not eat again and again you do not understand what the meaning of food ... When you are just hungry all the food is good and delicious and not sea food

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  • Diger 1000 right there 😦😦 how does she even eat it so fast she got some magic or something but those noddle look good .

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  • Yes

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  • Qui regarde sa pendant le ramadan ba c’est moi

  • Ho are you sister o My good 😣😣

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  • Pink Panther

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  • They all fated the vide

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  • ШИЗА))))

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  • She's too fast

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  • I’m fasting.

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  • They use time laypse

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  • Ablayokbidetavşanolsaydn

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  • It really made me hungry

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  • They are not eating fast. They just put on time lapes so they are look like eating fast

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  • Video,so speed is increased

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  • We can do it you know

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  • I am Indian I not eat these food

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  • I’m watching this while fasting for Ramadan and my mouth is dripping lol 😂 ( tysm this is the most likes I got ❤️)

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    • SAMEE 😩😩

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    • hi! im wanting to learn more about what ramadan is and also happy ramadan!

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    • هههههههههههههه هههههههههههه 😂😂😂😆😹🙅💔

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    • @Among Us Fan sorry u won’t understand it’s just for Muslim people

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    • @Bibi Samera yes

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  • Only my favorite food is noodle's

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  • WOW GOOD!!!

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  • HOW?!😠

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  • 한국분손22

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