FUNNY THINGS YOUR GRANDMA DOES - Relatable family musical by La La Life

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What kind of funny things does your Grandma always do?😉 Maybe she uses your tablet as a cutting board...or knits noodles mittens?🥢 It’s funny to see how she tries gadgets🎮 and explores technology🧖‍♀️Watch out our new episode and don’t forget to call your Grandma and tell her how much you love her💜Don’t forget to share this video with your friends!
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00:00 Grandma vs Me
00:37 Grandma’s help
01:20 Challenge failed
01:33 Grandma tries noodles
01:47 Grandma's teeth
02:10 Viral trick failed
02:50 Dumping my crush
03:33 So much food
04:00 Playing VR for the first time
04:51 Viral video with grandma
05:36 Night eaters
06:20 Battery fail
06:37 I miss you
07:02 Trendy dance
07:39 Challenge accepted
08:25 Helping Lilly
09:00 Call me
09:25 Angry Granny
09:48 Mom vs Grandma
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    • yes

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