HOW TO SNEAK FOOD INTO HOSPITAL || Funny Food Sneaking Ideas by 123 GO! SCHOOL

You know the rules. No junk food allowed into a hospital!
So it's time to sneak these snacks!
Tell us in the comments which of these tricks you’d try!
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  • At least she gave him some

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  • Why did she push the patient off of the bed? that's rude its just food -_-

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  • I love your video

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  • Your allowed to take food in hospital 😗😑

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    • If I walk pass he will see the candy. ME: I can zip the backpack and walk passed

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  • the one with the hoodie was so stupid you could have stuffed it under the bed

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  • how do you sneak those snacks that good.

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  • If I walk pass he will see the candy. ME: I can zip the backpack and walk passed

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    • He will check it idiot

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  • This is dumb no doctor has a candy scope or a food scope and ur aloud food in hospital anyway

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  • I used these hacks at the hospital and it worked

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    • I tried all of them I seat up a little hospital and my mom had a lot of candy she let me use it and yesss

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  • This is just straight up weird I hate it

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  • The doctor is handsome though

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    • You are so pretty kate

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  • I tried all of them I seat up a little hospital and my mom had a lot of candy she let me use it and yesss

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  • I used these hacks at the hospital and it worked

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  • I. Love 123go

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  • Hi Kate nice

  • 5:50 such a dumb hack!

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    • @3-1 N.michid ...

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  • How the Hell is this in my Recommended

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  • Miss kate:but i cant live whit out snacs!!! Me:gurl i cant to but i need to sooo

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  • How desperate must you be to do this.

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  • Okay so first thing how could get out The doctor has to come in the room

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  • How do you like junk food

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  • Nice one kate for stacking snacks in your bed

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    • @Mohd Shareef hi

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    • What ?

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    • @Mohd Shareef yeah lair

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  • Doctor was so mean but you're dumb and Dr hazard um Rule no food allowed that's me Doctor we need to keep snacks allowed got it are you got it 6 you got it

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  • Wow

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  • Why is food is not aloud

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  • ).?

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  • Sofia

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  • Two things wrong with this- when did hospitals not allow food? Do they want their patients to *STARVE TO DEATH* ?!? Also they need masks no wonder covids spreading. Guess this comment is just making fun of these things but also- Girl: *Push the poor person off* hElL bE fiNe. Dude what the heck if that was real he wouldn’t be fine!!! Also I would do NONE of these- these are just stupid “LiFe HaCkS”

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  • That doctor 🧑🏻‍⚕️ is so mean!

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