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  • 0:26 we need a 10h vid of this

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  • The Simpsuuuuuuss

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  • i hate you

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  • you are evil

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  • Son 5 muertes y me gusto el cameo de Rafa

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  • Poor homer

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  • 0:30 nobody likes Lisa Simpson

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  • Ueig2

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  • I luv your vids you make laugh and you make me happy when I’m felling low

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  • 0:26 🇵🇱 Ja lubię moje kobatę Kolory I 0:26 🇷🇺 Овлв щвщклвл Зал Лук 0:26 🇪🇦 Eôamr Éakr Šeao Éoboâ M 0:26 🇧🇷 Moąeud Gèam Môaja Erä T

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    • What????

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  • Nice video

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  • 0:30 and 0:31 is funny

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  • Kills eddswordls

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  • Who else is watching simpsons right now

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  • I can't stop laughing at 0:26

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  • Flanders!!! - Homer simpson

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  • In the Emergency Meeting? And That's Not Green. It's Lime

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  • Who's Mini Crewmate Mint?

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  • Thjs is so true XD

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  • 0:21 karma :)

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  • Cuando yo la vi

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  • It cant be 4 imposters so theres a crew among us!!!!!!

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  • 🤬 WTF

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  • He's revenging for his dad

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    • ?

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  • Spoilers: This will be the next couch gag sometime later.

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  • 0:30

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  • Homer: hi Mini red: Gonna put this craon in your brain Homer: *dumber than a monkey with no brain*

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  • I'm convinced this is Cas van de Pol in disguise

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  • 0:14 sheater

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  • Mini crewmate vs scp's

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  • }is your best friend

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  • *Ned sings* mini crew mate pink: shut up 0:28

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  • The simpsons

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  • Pink is the imposter

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  • Pls make Minicrewmate kills Roblox characters

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  • Wow awesome!!!!!!!!

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  • Make mini crewmates kill bendy

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  • friday night funkin tom

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  • Dead body be like: 0:26

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  • Heyy

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  • Boooooo you killed the Simpson's booooo

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  • The pink is the impostor XD

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  • 1:00 WOOOOOW

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  • 0:08 my brain be like:

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  • Mini crewmate kills 5 FNF mods

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  • why does damn seconds have 666k subs?

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  • Mini crews Kills SCP Charters

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  • Mini crewmate kills kindom heart's

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  • Oi

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  • Discuss ending: damn seconds in this video red dead it TV

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  • He should've added that black shopkeeper guy

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  • 0:01 actually this is canon, homer is stupid because of a pencil in hes brain.

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  • 0:43 After that... _DEAD BODY REPORTED_ *DISCUSS!*

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