The Secret Perils Inside A Tudor Home | Hidden Killers | Absolute History

Dr Suzannah Lipscomb takes us back to Tudor times, when the newly emergent middle classes had money for luxuries and early consumer goods, many of which contained hidden dangers.

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  • So wool on the body actually would cause the body to stay warm almost like a prototype wet suit in water so those people did not die from shock. They slipped and fell. This Ditch could have been lead to deep water and maybe he could not swim.. the woman could have been pulled by the current and or had slipped and choked to death on the water because she also could not swim. I’m willing to bet most of these people did not know how to tread let alone swim

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  • Why would you shit in a river though? Lol why not just wrap something around a tree and lean back…i mean clearly they’ve never been camping before ;)

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  • This video gives me the urge to brush my teeth

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  • *"Ah man I'm sick, my soul must be draining. I'll skin and bathe in the entrails of a fox to take its soul"*

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  • Sweet meats are the Tudor version of everything is cake.

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  • I have a strong urge to go and brush my teeth after watching this 😬

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  • 👌🏽

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  • With all the schemes, essential oils, and crystal garbage going around today, soon we’ll be back to using the four humors.

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  • Mercury cures: The term 'Mad as a hatter" (as in the Mad Hatter in Through the Looking Glass) was real--neurological damage due to hatters' use of mercury in creating felt for hats. It is also mentioned in Mark Twain's Roughing It as happening to silver miners refining their ore with mercury. It also lead to burns on firemen using wool coats using treated felt or mercury salts to waterproof the cloth.

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  • Why are we calling people "middling sort!" Does she mean "middle class?"

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  • BRB I gotta go brush my teeth!!!!

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  • Did we really need the sfx of the dude screaming? lol The dental chair & expressions were adequate- my ancestors The Plantagenets ( Margaret Tudor married James Stuart -Lancaster ( House of York is cadet house of Plantagenet) ( My husband is a Stuart & we are 8th cousins) We are both hopelessly Addicted to sugar. This explains a lot ;) It really does act like a Pavlovian experiment Marzipan is our favorite The flavors of sugar & almond are wonderful!

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  • That bassinet at 32:28 sent a flashback of Rosemary's Baby.

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  • Watching these videos is making me wonder how my ancestors lived long enough be able to cross the Atlantic.

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    • seriously- My husband & I’s ( were 8th cousins via English Royal Houses/Cadet Houses Stuart Plantagenet etc ) apparently ate everything in sight! Lol

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  • Actually you're wrong about when and what was actually first used to cure syphilis. In 1917, Julius Wagner-Jauregg, a Viennese psychiatrist, began to treat syphilis with malaria. Malaria causes an extremely high body temperature. He would inject syphilis patients with malaria. Once the patient had three or four bouts of fever that was enough to kill the temperature-sensitive syphilis bacteria. So this was actually the cure for syphilis long before antibiotics were invented.

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  • Who else went to brush teeth thoroughly? 🙋🏽‍♀️

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  • Dying from crushed testicles....well YESSSSS. AHHHHHHH 😫 How the Tudors survived at all was quite miraculous....🤣

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  • Do you think in 2521 they will be haven’t documentary about us in 2021. I’m sure they will have something on the Covid-19 we went threw

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  • I love this channel. Please keep making amazing videos. I would love to learn about the USA too. New SUB and HUGE FAN. All the best.

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  • Syphilis is so much like leprosy, is it not possible that the bacteria causing both is the same?

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  • So the Tudor era is when the stereotype of Englishmen and women with bad teeth first began.

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  • Tudors:sugar...”Temperance in all things.”~Benjiamin Franklin quote told to me. By Mr. Thomas Rutherford HIGH School;Junior Year. Seminole~Lover of freedom Immanuel~God with us

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  • In my elementary school Millville; I use to wonder why they called those particular colours, in the ‘primary-blocks” ‘primary” aren’t all the colours originally a blend? Seminole~Lover of freedom [Creek Indian word]] Immanuel~God with us [Hebrew word]

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  • No wonder rich people all over Europe suddenly got fat after Tudor times, they ate pure sugar! I can’t imagine what their teeth would have been like.

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  • Reminds me i need to make a dentist app

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  • Syphilis???

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  • "A man's penis can be injected with mercury." .....😬

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  • Would the sugar loaf really have been so perfectly white?

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  • Poor fox

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  • THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR BODY ARE YOUR TEETH! Don't forget it! Ask any doctor!

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  • Great Plauges of London, 1665. King Charles the 2nd.

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  • 30:52

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  • 28:00

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  • LMAO Death from crushed testicles after playing games at Christmas. Escaped bear. It shouldn't be funny. But omgggg.

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  • Christopher Columbus brought back to Europe nothing except for wealth from the new world. How dare they even suggest that syphilis came from the Caribbean indigenous that he slaughtered.

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  • Romans: ''hey having water handy is pretty nice, lets create majestic structures to create artificial flow and bring water to the people'' The british: *WOMAN AND BUCKET*

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  • *gets a toothache* fuck Ima die

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  • My Bff Just died from his teeth rotting. Tha infection could not be contained

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  • "They kept sugar costs down by using slave labor. Also, sugar had a death toll!" oh? we're actually going to mention how many enslaved people died because of sugar crops? "Tooth decay!" i mean, that too...

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  • Terrain theory states that an imbalance of ph level in our bodies causes over production of mucus which created a breeding ground for germs..........Louis Pasteur denounced his germ theory on his death bed and stated that terrain theory was the real science

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  • I’ve read that Oscar Wilde was treated with mercury for his Syphilis , is it known if was the mercury that killed him finally?

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  • Suzanne Lipscomb is beautiful.Whip smart,sexy and blonde.Absolutley stunning.

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  • They were black Google it. Everything is white washed literally! King Henry was black

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  • Just imagine the free health clinic telling you to stick your junk in chicken blood to get rid of the clap.

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  • “Tudor home look amazing”. I bet they looked amazing during 1666 when London burned to the ground because of this homes.

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  • A room full of tudors with a sugar rush 🤣

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  • Loved this episode. Xxx

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  • I almost died from my teeth

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  • I read the title wrong I thought it read penis 😹

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  • Yeah yeah, and we're all racist suck who need to die.

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  • Does Britishness =English as British wasn’t a concept in Tudor times as Scotland and England had not joined in union?

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  • Thanks for doing this!

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  • I'm joyfully flossing while watching this

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  • I love everything about the past I just know that I myself would not have survived living in those years... hugs Lynn Weasenforth 💯💜💛💙🌹

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  • that was fascinating, thank you for this documentary.

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  • Teeth suck. If evolution is kind, humans will no longer have nerves in their teeth in the future, it is such an unnecessary literal pain and we need less ridiculous methods of breaking down food for consumption. Human dentition is so poorly designed, for the mouth to be such a festering nook of germs, that we have to scrub the daylights out of to not die from infections and the sheer aches involved.

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  • OMG she is so gorgeous!!

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  • miners knew about soot build up,

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  • it's a QUESTION that tooth decay, bone loss, and abscesses are fatal?? i can hear my dental hygienist screaming already

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  • Tried to disguise sugar as other food. So they were Americans before Americans.

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  • Being the one guy to die from the escaped bear is a vibe

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  • Being the one guy to die from the escaped bear is a vibe

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  • No joke, at 30:35 I was genuinely saying out loud "Get her out of there!" Nearly saw her mouth go underwater. Obviously she was safe but still, please be careful. MNthe and informative videos are all well and good, but I'd rather you be safe as well. I know this is stupid, I'm sure she was safe, but seeing a person, especially a woman in that situation is very frightening.

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  • Childbirth is anything but basic and natural - humans are ridiculously poorly designed for that, since wider hips had to be sacrificed in lieu of being bipedal and having an upright posture. That, and neonates have huge damn heads.

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  • A little over dramatic

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  • see this is what my ss teacher should make us watch

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  • We have no idea how good we have it! Washing machines, dryers. Can you imagine the work involved in cleaning comforters and quilts by hand?

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  • So if you didn’t die of tooth decay, you died of cancer from tobacco!

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  • Sugar is how George Washington lost all his teeth. They rotted away from his sugar intake! That’s why if you look at his paintings he’s never smiling & his cheeks look kind of puffed out. Painters would have him place cotton or cloth in his mouth to cover the fact that he had no teeth!

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  • I love her voice.

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  • How did anyone survive? Like how did populations expand if there was peril around every turn? I seriously don’t understand.

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  • So years from now when we look back on medical practices and realize they were wrong, example chemotherapy toxins to cure cancer🤷‍♀️; kill the cancer cells without killing the patient.

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  • Then came COVID!

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  • 56:44 I heard that syphilis had been around since the days of Pompeii. It was twin babies with signs of if.

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  • who else went to brush their teeth again in the middle of this video.... just me?

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  • Our Age - Why is everyone getting cancer, and why is sterility doubling every twenty years? Proceeds to microwave their food, hold the cell phone up to their head, and use their wireless tablet on their lap....

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  • Even if the Tudors understood Germ Theory, would it even have done them any good? Penecilin was discovered mostly by accident and took decades to find a viable production method that even today is incredibly inefficient and complicated. Is there some antibiotic they could have actually made?

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  • We had a chimney fire in my home as a child. It was a double sided fireplace one side open to the living room and the other to the dining room. Apparently my father never cleaned the chimney, along with something being built wrong or malfunctioning, fire shot out both sides. We never used it again after that.

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  • Dental insurance isn't considered standard medical. Imagine getting a cavity treated and it's covered by your dental insurance BUT... goes wrong, you get an infection, specialists (also dental covered) have no idea it's there, doesn't show on the scans (dental covered), and you get worse for 2 years. Specialists (varying and dental covered) refuse to pull the tooth because it's not dead and won't solve the problem. You repeatedly see the doctor for antibiotics and steroids (health covered.) Finally, you end up in the ER for a raging jaw infection (also health covered.) More, harsher, antibiotics (also health covered.) That's thousands upon thousands of dollars, maybe $6k total, paid by your TWO DIFFERENT INSURANCES. You see someone out of pocket. You spend $2k on ozone treatments after he pulls and replaces the old filling. It was leaking and a mildly antibiotic resistant bacteria had moved in. You're cured and it's not covered because the USA is in the dark ages regarding ozone and dental. It would have cost less, $2k instead of $6k+$2, had it been treated early on BUT BECAUSE DENTAL AND HEALTH ARE SEPARATE, no one has realized the combined cost. Hence dental is not included in standard medical. (Btw, the cavity wasn't my fault. I had an underlying condition causing malabsorption of vitamin D.) People in the USA wonder why medical and dental costs are so high but the flaws in the system are extensive. Preventative dental saves money. Inclusive dental, such as ozone treatments, also saves money overall (but if not covered costs less for dental companies, meaning they can force the health system and you to pay out that finance instead.)

    Stitched PumpkinStitched Pumpkin3 сарын өмнө
  • 25:18 2019 Touching this metal handle is attractive! It's a beautiful vintage piece! 2021 Thanks to covid19, touching that metal handle has the opposite effect intended. Someone please pass me the 70% (not -additionally-diluted) rubbing alcohol? Thanks.

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  • I would like to take a look through some of these mid century tomes; do they exist online anywhere in the public domain?

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  • Surprising how people survived lol damn

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  • I have a lot of teeth issues and it’s 2021 Crazy

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  • For anyone wondering he used gas chromatoraphy to measure the mercury concentration in the air from the syringe

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  • If no hypothesis of the origins of syphilis is accepted in science then perhaps stop speculating with racist ideas.

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  • I wonder how many times she walked down that hall way and looked out that window for the filming of this documentary.

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  • I Dream of this Woman ! UGGGGHHHH

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  • where chimneys really that new? or did you just mean new in houses im sure i have seen chimneys is castles several hundreds of years older then the time you are talking about

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  • I live for these documentaries!!

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  • Her accent is really naughty.

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  • I was slightly panicking when she was in the water, gasping

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  • What is a "tudor"?

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  • in 400 Years her Great great great great grand child will make the exact same video about us... "So back in 2021 in the Influencer Era, inside a MNther home, they believed that if you take the medicin that could actually fix you, dissolve it in water and dilute that water until there is no more of that ingredient left you would have an even stronger mixture to cure you" -.-

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  • I love this serieses i am always getting so much information in a perfectly presented way, we could use serieses like that in germany. Thank you Absolute History

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  • "trade" ha! funny way to call colonization and theft

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  • 34:02 That pig is nightmare fuel!!

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  • We now return to british history, like regular history only british.

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