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  • Wow what a twins

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  • Wowwwww

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  • Mmmm que estaba pasando en esa cama hee ?????

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  • "Me Not Knowing Who Is Who"

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  • Lol, the last one😂

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  • Remember Kyle is a thief from American Justice

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  • I have never cringe my ass off at someone hitting there chest twice and making a love heart

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  • Last one 🤣🤣

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  • Did they make out

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  • Love

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  • Did you just copy something from somebody jk.

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  • You two are twins???

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  • Siblings never do that for each other unless you threaten them to tell mom something they don’t want her to know

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  • Wait u are helping ur brother but he dont like u helps?

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  • Yes my bother

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  • I wish I have a twin brother

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  • If you have a twin he or she will all ways got your back

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  • That last one is gross

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  • Oh so cute

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  • Hi I just wanted to be the 3000 comment 😀

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  • Directioners hearing ZAYN; **cries in a cool way**

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  • Hola yo soy de bolivia

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  • Y do u shake ur head when he does it

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  • Yes

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  • Kardeşlik verilen

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  • Ana Eva Zana and me

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  • The guy from ur beside when u use the dumbbell he looks like an artist from my country xD

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  • Ye kya hai

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  • When I was on the bed did you actually did it

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    • Wait when you was on the bed did your brother actually

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  • 我想講呢佢呢係幫你一個呢就幫佢咁呢佢呢就你個愛心即係咩呀?🤣🤣😂

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  • Where is the funny

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  • Amor de hermano

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  • Ok but- Siblings don’t help unless you threaten to tell on them or something like that this-

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  • Что

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  • Then was very funny I like your video they a so good

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  • No but that is cute

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  • Cade os brs? 🇧🇷

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  • That's so funny

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  • 👭

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  • Yes i do have one and me and my sister are twins!

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