Why China's Largest Volcano Is So Unusual

Mount Paektu (also known as Changbai Mountain) is one of the largest volcanoes on earth and yet, for the longest time, nobody could explain where it came from or why it exists. Here we will discuss why this volcano is so unusual and how the geological mystery surrounding it could eventually be solved.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a geologist. The information in this video was presented after weeks of careful and thorough research about the topic. This video is merely meant as an illustrated introduction for basic educational purposes. Should you plan to use the information beyond that I advise you to cross-reference it by doing your own research. The sources below should provide you a good starting point.

Sources/ Further Reading:

Voice-over by Matt Provenzano

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  • Continental drift is still only a theory bud

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  • Can someone explain how the water filled mantle layer relates to flood basalt eruptions, because that totally undoes the facts in motion videos

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    • Very briefly. Mantle Plumes (the source of flood basalts) were initially envisioned as hot upwellings from the core mantle boundary. But in recent years it has emerged evidence that you can also have Plumes that (only) rise from the Mantle transition zone (so much shallower plumes). Hydrous rather than hot upwellings fueld through subduction related processes is a possible explanation for these plumes. I will probably make an updated video on the topic at some point this year.

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  • Volcano: *erupts* The world: "And nothing of value was lost."

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  • Sea of Japan -> East Sea.

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  • This mountain’s located in North Korea, idk what made u put Chinese in the title. Big difference. Do not disrespect the name of Korea.

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  • Note the plate under the Polynesian Islands. This area has been used as proof of sea levels changing due to climate change. Yet it is obvious that the plates shifting is the biggest factor.

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    • I suppose you meant what is a kilometer. It's 1000 meters (39.37 inches) and it's about 0.62 miles.

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  • Expanding earth theory also explains the movement of land over hot points of earth's core.

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  • Those North Korean seismologists who got to work with their western colleagues are probably all in "re-education" camps now (or dead), along with their immediate families.

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    • It's China's, regarding the tianchi area, originally 80% of them belonged to China, but we gave about 20% to DPRK as a gift~

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  • A couple of historical facts about the mountain: 1. The entirety of the mountain had originally belonged to Korea, until Japan who occupied Korea in early 1900s secretly sold the land around the mountain to China. China later returned a half of the mountain to North Korea while keeping the other half. (Paektu and Changbai are the Korean and Chinese names of the mountain, respectively.) 2. When the volcano erupted in AD 946, the mountain was almost at the center of a nation called 'Balhae,' a successor of Goryeo (which is where the name 'Korea' came from). Balhae suddenly collapsed around that time, which is why some historians believe that the eruption played an important role in the fall of the medieval kingdom. 3. The eruption in 946 had a global impact; the average temperature of the planet is estimated to have dropped by around 1 degree Celsius for several years after the eruption, which caused famine all around the globe. If the mountain erupts again, similar effects will follow.

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